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4 Digital Marketing Trends This 2017

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Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Marketing plays a significant role in entrepreneurship. Many entrepreneurs and marketers utilize different forms of marketing to create brand awareness and establish a consumer base. Among all the types of marketing, digital marketing seems to be in the limelight today, thanks to the advent of the internet and online tools.

In this regard, entrepreneurs and marketers are maximizing the use of this innovation to efficiently market their company. Luckily enough, there are several digital marketing agencies in the Philippines that offer creative and effective digital marketing strategies to companies, which make it easier for them to market their brand or service and create awareness.

Since digital marketing is related to the internet that is constantly changing, it is given that how digital marketing works will also continue evolving every now and then. Additionally, trends and practices will change at constant speed. To give you a glimpse of how the digital marketing landscape will be, let us find out what are the current and upcoming digital marketing trends this 2017.


Content Marketing

Trend 1: Content marketing will still dominate the marketing landscape

Surely, it has been discussed many times that content is an effective component of a marketing strategy. Content marketing works by publishing a credible content into the company’s website to drive website traffic and create brand awareness as well. Content may come in different forms – from articles, videos, informative guides, and infographics. What makes a good content marketing? Here are few elements of a credible and compelling content marketing:

  • Web pages – A web page is one of the foundations of a digital marketing. When developing a website, make it sure that its web pages are responsive since it affects the website traffic, which eventually leads to a greater content lead.
  • Content – When curating content, keep in mind that the content should be useful and credible to your target audience and potential consumers. This way, website visitors will be fully informed, hence, can increase consumer base loyalty, too. Furthermore, components such as videos, responsive website, and HTML 5 are some of the perfect, effective, and compelling content that should be considered when crafting content.
  • Personalize – One important thing that entrepreneurs and marketers should know when crafting content is to make it tailored to their target audience. This way, you are assured that the content will definitely reach your consumers.



Trend 2: Infographic stays as a top and effective form of content marketing

It is indeed that content is essential in a digital marketing strategy. Among all the forms of content, infographic stays ahead compared to the other types of content. Why? Infographics are visually appealing and captivating compared to printed words. Such type of content is composed of texts, images, colors, and movement, which naturally captures attention. Here are some of the reasons why you should include infographic in your content marketing:

  • According to statistics, infographics have a high rate of likes and shares compared to its counterpart content.
  • Infographics can catch consumers’ attention because of its eye-catching appearance.
  • Unlike in a text article, infographic enables consumers to quickly gather information that they need since there are more images than texts.
  • Infographics are fun and engaging, which can generate more website visitors and ensure a deeper connection to your target audience.
  • Since infographics are shareable that can acquire several links from other websites, it increases back links, which is useful for your SEO strategies.



Trend 3: Search engine optimization will definitely be important this 2017

One of the effective ways to increase a company’s visibility online is to use search engine optimization. SEO refers to the method of optimizing a website to improve a company’s rankings in several search engines such as Google. The components of a good SEO are on-site optimization, a high-quality content, and off-page optimization.


Mobile Optimization

Trend 4: Mobile optimization will dominate the digital marketing

For the past few years, consumers prefer to use their mobile phones when browsing on the internet rather than through their laptop or desktop. It is also projected that mobile phones will surely surpass laptop usage in the coming years. With this, marketing through mobile phones is becoming a trend in the business scene. In this regard, entrepreneurs and marketers should create a compelling marketing strategy and optimize their website on mobile to reach a wide range of audience.


Understanding the future of the digital marketing landscape will help any marketer on what areas to focus on and what are the things that they need to do today. Just like any other industries, trends in the digital marketing are changing at constant speed. In this regard, entrepreneurs and marketers should be well equipped with information about the current trends to stay ahead in the industry. Integrating one or two trends mentioned in this article will surely help any company enhance their brand awareness and stay ahead in the market.

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