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7 Must-Have Tools for Social Media Managers

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In the business world today, having a social media team within your company is very invaluable. Social media accounts are the best way to promote your company’s products and services. For this reason, the number of companies that are looking into requesting assistance to various social media marketing services to help out with their social media presence and promotion is incessantly increasing.

These marketing services provide assistance to your company’s social media team and give valuable insights and advice on how to improve the social media presence of the company. These services also provide the company with tools that can not only help social media promotion, but to also evaluate and track the data. To be in the know, here are some tools that are must-haves for social media managers.



1.  Buffer

Want to schedule your social media posts properly while being able to track their engagement numbers? Then Buffer is a handy tool that you will want to have.

Buffer is a tool that acts like a virtual queue which makes sure that your social media accounts get to post their content at the right time. Having this tool makes sure that all your social media accounts are updated and active. Additionally, Buffer also provides analytics which will ultimately help you track your post engagement and reach.



2.  Tweetdeck

For companies who have a Twitter account, Tweetdeck is an essential tool that helps you manage your account with relative ease. Tweetdeck is a desktop tool that will ultimately monitor and manage your Twitter feed – track your tweets, scheduling your tweets and keep track of their notifications while keeping your account updated and monitored.


Social Flow

3.  Social Flow

If you are looking for a tool that can provide you with real-time data which helps you know the best time to post content on your social media accounts, then Social Flow is a tool that can come in handy.

Social Flow is a tool used by major publishers like National Geographic and the Washington Post which offers quality service to its clients. The tool also provides post analytics which can help you determine how and when social media managers should post paid and sponsored posts in their social media accounts.



4.  AgoraPulse

If you need a versatile and reliable tool to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, then AgoraPulse will definitely provide you with a dynamic tool that will help you manage their posts and data with convenience.

AgoraPulse has all the standard tools for your social media needs like post scheduling along with account and post analytics. They also provide data reports and comparisons with other companies.

One of the stand-out features of AgoraPulse is their selection of applications that can run quizzes, contests, and promotions on Facebook and Twitter. These quizzes and contests are great applications that can help you interact with your audience in an interesting and entertaining way. Overall, AgoraPulse offers a wide and diverse selection of tools in one convenient package which is a great time-saver when it comes to managing your Facebook and Twitter accounts.



5.  Hootsuite

One of the most popular social media management tools, Hootsuite is a tool that will help you manage and promote your social media posts in a simple and efficient way. Hootsuite allows you to monitor and manage your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, WordPress, and LinkedIn). Additionally, you can choose to post on individual accounts or pick the option to post the same content on all accounts.

Along with having all your social media accounts in one place, Hootsuite also provides analytics and reach data, task assignment for your social media team, and campaign management planning. With a wide selection of tools at hand, Hootsuite is a tool worth the investment.



6.  CrowdBooster

If you are looking for a tool that provides you with quick access to social media analytics and data, CrowdBooster is a tool that provides you with the latest updates and reports.

The tool provides your company with the best social media analytics and does it all automatically, which makes it a great time-saving tool. The tool can also help you create custom reports for both your employees and clients. In addition, the tool also provides you with suggestion and advice with regards to your social media management needs.



7.  DashBurst

Another tool that offers you a good package of social media account management and posting, DashBurst offers you a quick and convenient way to post your content to various social media accounts.

The tool can also help you explore various kinds of content around social media and the internet, which can help your company’s content creators. The tool also acts as a blogging platform, and you can create your own board where you can interact with your audience. The tool also has a virtual queue which allows you to post content at your ideal time.


Key Takeaway

These social media management tools would definitely help your company in promoting their social media accounts and posts to a wide audience. These tools provide you with the convenience and efficiency that allows you to streamline your work while being able to provide updated content and analytical data that helps your social media presence grow.

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