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5 Benefits of Video Marketing to a Business

5 Benefits of Video Marketing to a Business

The digital age is here. This is the perfect time for everyone to take advantage of all the things technology has to offer. One perfect example of progression, thanks to new innovations, is the new marketing strategies for businesses and companies to use.

Basically, new techs are popping up here and there to help businesses advertise their products and services. Video production is one of the few things that have turned up recently, which explains the rise of video production companies in the Philippines. Both major corporations and small companies rely on their services to provide them original videos, which they can use to retain and attract customers.

This service certainly has several benefits it can offer various businesses and companies. They include the following:

Catch Audience's AttentionIt Catches the Attention of Your Audience

Obviously, one of the most important jobs for marketers is to catch the audience’s attention. This responsibility is extremely hard, especially if they don’t have the right strategies for them to use and apply. But with the aid of video marketing, the difficulty of catching their attention has been considerably reduced—or may even become completely non-existent.

In the past, marketers used to send texts and/or emails to get their audience’s attention. But this strategy has proven to be quite ineffective. This is because, oftentimes, people would just ignore all of them. It is very seldom for them to actually take their time to open and read it. But if you add a video in these messages, there is a high chance for them to be viewed. In fact, there are statistics, which show that a video is 4x more likely to be viewed compared to the traditional text marketing. Also, 59% of executives in big companies actually prefer video presentations rather than sitting through a wordy and lengthy presentation.

Emotional Connection

It Promotes Emotional Connection

Have you ever noticed the increasing number of emotional advertisements for products and services? That’s because marketers are taking advantage of the fact that human beings are more engaged to things that make them feel emotions. This is why people are not interested in reading a lengthy text, because laughing or crying is not the normal response when reading a marketing message.

This is where the beauty of video marketing comes in; with the combination of appropriate background music and the artistry of the video itself, the audience has no other choice but become captivated and mesmerized. Remember that videos are unparalleled in the field of attracting customers, that’s why don’t be surprised when you see a variety of advertisements that try to take advantage of your emotional spectrum.

Video marketing is an easy way to connect with your audience – at least, emotionally – and keep them engaged with your product. Of course, all of this would be possible if you do it right.

Video ProductionVideo has Value

In simple terms, a video is known to be more valuable than any marketing text that is scattered in the world. It is obvious that the cost of money and energy that was put out to produce a quality video is a lot more valuable than a quality marketing text. Your audience knows this, that’s why they notice when videos are beautifully made.

If your video is beautifully done, expect your audience to give more of their time, energy, and attention to it. If you think about it, it’s not really surprising that a video advertisement – or video marketing, in general – is such an effective strategy. After all, people’s most dominant sense is their visual aspect.

Improve Conversion and SalesIt Can Improve Conversion and Sales

If you didn’t know, video advertising has a really high potential to make you a lot of money. By adding videos of your products on your website, you can increase your conversion rate (this is your prospective customers turning into paying customers) to 80%!

Also, data shows that 74% of people, who watched an explanatory video about a product that they’re interested in, eventually bought the certain product. This means that you can increase your sales just by producing videos that are helpful and effective to the people, who are interested in your brand’s product or service. By simply inputting a helpful video in your website, there is a higher chance of improving your customer database and increase the amount of cash that goes into your company!

Google SERPIncreases Your Searchability

Most people and businesses are not aware of this; but by having embedded videos in your website, the amount of time visitors spend on it is longer. This would mean that your brand name is patronized by individuals. The increased traffic in your site will signal Google that you have good content.

Furthermore, this will make your search engine rankings go up. Plus, statistics show that websites which have videos in them are 53x more likely to show up in the first page of Google’s search results. This is because Google now owns YouTube, which indicates that YouTube videos in your websites can potentially help in your search engine optimization.


Marketing has indeed come a long way thanks to the progress of technology. For those thinking about using video production in their marketing strategy, keep in mind that the sky’s the limit when creating them; you just have to open your mind and start working with the best people in the industry!

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