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Holiday Marketing Strategies to Start Preparing For

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Holiday Marketing Strategies to Start Preparing For

What are holiday marketing strategies to start preparing for?

  1. Create partnerships and special offers
  2. Investing in paid promotion
  3. Utilizing video to maximize audience reach
  4. Make the most out of mobile
  5. Engaging content


The holiday season is one of their busiest seasons for almost every digital marketing agency in the Philippines. It can be both exciting and stressful. Planning year-end marketing campaigns can lead to an overwhelming amount of tasks to juggle, so many ideas to brainstorm, and not enough time to get it all done. After all, the target goal for most creative agencies in the Philippines is to increase sales and revenue. Going with the right strategies is vital for every marketing campaign for this time of the year.

Let’s take a look at some of the top strategies that you can use this holiday season.


Create Partnerships and Special Offers

One of the most popular and widely utilized marketing strategies is to create partnerships with other companies. Promote each other’s content in order to help grow your audiences. During this season, you can communicate with your partner brands and coordinate with offering exclusive deals, discounts, and products. The harmonization of product placement, partnership, and holiday cheer always make for a perfect collaboration.


Investing in Paid Promotion

Focusing on paid promotions opens avenues for creative agencies in the Philippines to reach a vast range of new and larger audience. You can expand beyond your organic reach to target broad consumer segments that match the interests of your best current customers. It can play a great role in helping you drive more conversions and revenue. Paid promotions allow you to segment and precisely capture the attention of the market you need to reach.

Another tip is to space out your promotions. Meaning to say that holidays promotions are not just about one day. The holiday season can start as early as October all throughout the end of the year. It gives consumers more time to seek out gifts, sales, and discounts. So make sure to amplify marketing campaigns all throughout the season.


Utilizing Video to Maximize Audience Reach

Utilizing Video to Maximize Audience Reach

Many social media platforms have come to embrace video content. It receives more reach, engagement, and conversions than any other type of content. Several brands use this strategy. After watching a marketing video on social media, most consumers stated that it made a direct influence on their purchase decisions for the holidays. Let’s discuss some of the popular video marketing strategies:

Holiday Promotion Videos

This type of video works best when it’s run as an ad targeted specifically towards current customers or people interested in topics that relate to a product. It doesn’t have to purely be about sales, it can also promote gift-wrapping, free shipping, and other non-discount related subjects.

Fun Social Videos

The objective of this video isn’t strictly to drive sales. With a share-worthy video, it’s designed to entertain, inspire, and educate with festive content that viewers will find value in. It challenges other brands and agencies to get creative in choosing video content.

Year in Review

Recaps are a fun way of showing how the industry is growing throughout the year. It can also show the accomplishments and awards received if possible. Sharing milestones is a great way to plant seeds or ideas by mentioning top products.


Make the Most Out of Mobile

This holiday season, many shoppers turn to their mobile devices for ideas on where to buy before heading into stores. Mobile Marketing has been increasing in popularity within the digital marketing industry for the past few years. By holiday season alone, it can reach to millions of sales.

To maximize sales, you need to be able to present your product via mobile devices in advance for the holiday season.

Customers should be able to view all the content on a mobile website for a reasonable amount of time in their smartphones. It is important that the marketing campaigns are mobile friendly and that your online store is optimized for mobile devices. Another strategy is by sending holiday deals through SMS for customers who directly signed up to receive messages about sales and special deals.


Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Creating new content for the holiday season is always a great approach. It can definitely drive traffic on social media pages and boost sales. This strategy can take a lot of brainstorming and execution. But if done it right, you will truly succeed. The holiday season is surrounded by the feeling of nostalgia; childhood. so why not design the marketing campaign for something nostalgic? One can get in the holiday spirit by working with current customers and clients and sharing their stories with other people. After all, storytelling is the heart of all great marketing.


Key Takeaway

The holiday season can be both an exciting and stressful season for digital marketing agencies in the Philippines. These strategies can definitely play a great role in helping increase sales and revenue for this time of the year. Whether you choose to offer discounts through paid promotions or utilizing video, there is a whole range of strategies for you to choose from when attempting to cultivate more attention from consumers towards your products.

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