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Level-up with Instagram Today: 3 Tools to Help Boost Your Brand’s Presence

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What tools can help boost a brand’s presence on Instagram?

  1. Iconosquare – as it provides useful features such as analytics, content management, scheduling platform, and a database of influencers that you can choose from.
  2. Keyhole – because it helps track trending hashtags, compare your competitor’s accounts’ performance from yours, and also provides readable and accurate data report.
  3. Hashtagify.me – as it allows you to find better and effective hashtags and also, helps track useful Instagram hashtags that you may use as a reference for your posts.


Have you been using Instagram for your social media marketing strategy?

Today, various areas in the digital marketing space, including social media and video production company in the Philippines around the world, has proven how Instagram can help you better in boosting your brand’s presence.

In the first place, Instagram is a well-known social media platform for people engagement – follows, stories, comments, and likes – everything’s just all about interaction. With that said, how can you put all these things into your advantage?

Well, look no further, here are three of the best tools to help boost your brand presence on Instagram.



Image Source: https://offers.hubspot.com/instagram-for-business


1.  Iconosquare

Iconosquare works miracles for freelancers, firms, and small-to-medium companies who are dealing with multiple clients all at the same time.

Basically, it features five significant functionalities that can help boost your brand’s presence on Instagram. These includes:


  • Accessing deep insights on your Instagram performance, or simply, analytics

Iconosquare makes it possible for the users to evaluate and understand how their posts relate to customer engagement. It may vary from gained to lost followers from various locations, the brand’s posting habits and history, trending hashtags used in the platform that correlates to the brand, and trending media such as photos and videos – which you can use to evaluate your brand’s own Instagram performance.

But that’s not everything.

Iconosquare also allows the users to benchmark its competitors, 7 at maximum, in order to further improve your Instagram marketing strategy.


  • Managing your Instagram activity

While it may be difficult to monitor all your clients’ Instagram accounts, Iconosquare says otherwise.

With the use of this tool, you wouldn’t have to worry about responding to the comments from different accounts because Iconosquare puts everything in one place. You may even make your own feed in order to monitor your competitor’s content, posts from trending hashtags, and your potential influencers.


  • Searching, collecting and organizing your content

This is what makes Iconosquare different from every other Instagram tool out there, as it helps you work on your posts further, thereby helping you improve your content in one interface. You may easily upload a content in a few clicks from their huge database of great, high-resolution photos – free of use! More so, the tool’s also capable of reposting Instagram photos. How great is that?


  • Managing and scheduling your posts

Your Instagram feed matters for your followers. Mainly because it is the first thing they see and what serves as their basis on whether or not to follow your account.

With Iconosquare, you need not worry about how frequent should you be posting or how you will be able to easily post things on all your accounts. It allows you just all that and even provides you a calendar for you to use as a properly plot your schedule. What more? It will also notify you when it is already time for you to post.


  • Finding great influencers for your brand

Last and definitely not the least, Iconosquare also allows you to find the perfect influencers that you can do business with to boost your brand presence. It is also complete with metrics and details so it would be easier for you to choose who to work with.



Image Source: http://keyhole.co/blog/


2.  Keyhole

Looking for a real-time buddy to help you manage your posts and get on top of the competition? Keyhole can help you on that. Specifically, it can help you on three things:


  • Track trending hashtags and keywords

To be able to use this feature, you just need to drop a particular hashtag or keyword that is relevant to your brand in order to see what is currently on trend.


  • Track your competitors’ accounts and yours

What is great about this tool is that it also allows you to monitor your own accounts’ and your competitor’s trends for better marketing. This includes what particular posts gives you better results, and what does not.


  • Present accurate data in a readable dashboard

In order to formulate an effective strategy, you also need to present all these data to your team. What Keyhole does for you is give you an accurate, organized, and readable data that your people will not find confusing.


Image Source: http://toolscorer.com/listing/hashtagify-me.html


3.  Hashtagify.me

Often times, it may be confusing to choose what particular hashtag or keyword will be most beneficial for your brand.

With Hashtagify.me, you will find effective and relevant hashtags to include in your Instagram marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and boost your brand presence on the said platform.


How can it help you?

Just drop a keyword and Hashtagify.me will provide relevant and trending hashtags along with its popularity percentage which you may use as a reference in posting your content.

Not only that, it also includes features like tracking top influencers, a wall for media results, and tracking Instagram hashtags that matter to your brand!



Key Takeaway

While Instagram has been proven effective to most business, it still requires sufficient effort from you to successfully market your brand on it. It needs proper and accurate analysis of metrics that includes follower gains and losses, posting habits and history, and trending hashtags and medias – in which, the above-discussed tools are capable of.

With Iconosquare, Keyhole, and Hashtagify.me, you will be able to properly evaluate your Instagram performance and activities in order to formulate a better, stronger, and effective Instagram marketing strategy. As a result, it will enable you to ultimately boost your brand presence on Instagram.

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