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From Script to Screen: How to Shoot Video Campaigns

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From Script to Screen How to Shoot Video Campaigns

How do you shoot a video marketing campaign?

  1. Remember the rule of thirds.
  2. Always observe proper lighting.
  3. As much as possible, avoid the echoes.
  4. Make sure to shoot multiple takes.


Done with the script and storyboard? Every marketer from a creative agency in the Philippines can tell how cruel the jitters are when shooting a video campaign for the first time. That’s normal. You just need to enjoy the whole process to learn it, and in time, make it as one of your expertise. If you need some points for a fresher, here are a few brief and simple tips to shooting video campaigns. Believe us, you’ll definitely enjoy this part!

Always follow the Rule of Thirds

Always follow the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds, whether that’s in photography or shooting videos, pertains to a technique that draws the viewer’s attention to the main point of the shot. Basically, there’s a 9-grid frame that will guide your perspective in taking the shot. The subject can be positioned on the anchor points, specifically on where lines intersect, to avoid empty spaces or uncomfortable compositions on the video. There’s a natural law of motion here if you use this technique, as the viewer’s eye will automatically focus on that part and stay there. Thus, making it a perfect point to pose your subject.

Furthermore, it helps people view your videos easily. First, there’s the aesthetic that makes the content pleasing to the eyes, and then the composition that makes it comfortable for everyone to watch. It’s a total magic potion to your video campaign! Plus, it’s basically a guide as opposed to its label given which helps you avoid doing common mistakes when taking charge of those motions. You can also find the grid lines on every camera nowadays, so no worries!


Observe proper Lighting

Lighting is an important element when shooting videos as it allows viewers to watch the scene clearly and understand the message that it intends to deliver. While it may be easy to fix this during the editing part, it’s still important that you learn how to avoid shooting videos on either with too much light or darkness in it to keep your viewers intact. To keep up with this rule, you’ll have to take note of these following guidelines:

  • When you’re shooting indoors, avoid the conflicting lighting with natural and artificial lights. This basically happens when, for example, you’re shooting in broad daylight and the setting is in a room with a window. In this scenario, while you may have an artificial light to brighten up the whole set – itcan be conflicting if there’s a window that lets the natural light to set in. Normally, the temperature from these light sources creates inconsistencies in the atmosphere, especially if you position your actors or the focus of the video near the windows. So, avoid it as much as possible or just choose a different setting if possible.
  • With regards to white balance, as much as possible, experienced creative agencies in the Philippines learn how to set it manually. In the first tip, we’ve mentioned how temperature from different light sources can greatly affect your video’s output. The same goes for white balance as often times, cameras tend to set an automatic white balance feature. You can easily do this by positioning your camera and adjusting the white balance feature manually. If your camera’s setting tends to shoot warmly, try to adjust the feature to get the colors correctly during the shoot. This is better than redoing the shoot a few more times.
  • Another common mistake that you should avoid is spotlighting your subject, which is basically positioning them directly towards the light to get a theatrical effect – not.Instead of doing this, you can use a lighting technique for a specific type of video, but in most cases, especially for business video campaigns, you should definitely use an even lighting. Perhaps, use a tool like a reflector to minimize the shadows and other unnecessary factors that may appear on your video.

Avoid Echoes

Avoid Echoes

Let’s move on to the acoustics in shooting a video. In finding a venue, most Philippine creative agencies find it significant that you also check if the room or the location produces an echo that may cause specific audio issues for the video. This can either make your actors sound weird or create uncomfortable noises throughout the video. Whatever it is, make sure to avoid it by choosing a feasible location. Unless you’re filming a music video that doesn’t need an audio during the motion, then you are safe.


Shoot Multiple Takes

At the above tips, we highlighted how important it is to learn every trick to avoid redoing the shoots. However, like every other professional creative agency in the Philippines who’re doing video campaigns, it’s still logical and safe to shoot multiple takes for your video. You can run through your takes and then reshoot a scene you’re uncomfortable with. By doing this, it will give you an allowance during the editing to get the mistakes right. Remember, settling with one take, regardless if it looked seamless, can be crucial for your campaign.


Key Takeaway

There you go –this is how you can convert an incredible script into an exceptional video. If you master them all, you’ll definitely have the run for creating a phenomenal campaign. The rest? Basically, that falls to how you direct your actors, choose your venues, and of course, manage the whole production phase.

If you need some help from a Philippine creative agency that specializes in production, contact Sigil. We’re a brand that makes scripts come to life effectively and helps businesses speak louder in the online world.

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