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So You Want to Conquer Social Media? Here’s How

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Today, social media is where the crowd is. Hence, its main mission of connecting people became a tool in building awareness of various brands. However, how do a successful social media marketing service work? How do they influence people in their purchases through social media? How do they build a strong presence in social media?

Take this list of effective tips to help you master the art of social media:



be more human

SMM is never about the sales – be more human!

It may be true that you have to sell in order to grow your business, but social media is a humanistic world. People converse and empathize through it. If you talk about your product solely, with all the technicalities and complications of it, you will never have your target audience in your hands. Try to live it, be more genuine, and share a story to your followers the way you would for a friend – this will largely increase your conversion rate. Take this for an example: lately, an antibacterial hand spray brand, Hygienix, has accumulated a hundred thousand likes and follows on its page. Did you know why? Interestingly, their ads are trendy, visual wise, and of course, it tells people a story. It allows people to communicate as they get to share their own stories and opinions about the context of the ads, and ultimately connect not only with the brand, but with everyone.

Truly an interesting social media marketing strategy.



speak of what you know

Speak of what you know

Admittedly, it is not all the time that you get to post something that is relevant and helpful – otherwise, you will be posting something that isn’t, maybe even something that could make your most loyal followers question the point of your post. Thus, it is essential to speak only of what you know. Avoid posting merely for the sake of posting because that wouldn’t work – people will only hate themselves for following you in the first place and then unfollow you thereafter. Poof! They are gone.

To avoid such unfortunate scenario, use your cards wisely. Limiting your posts to a minimum of 2-5 posts a day will also help.



dont leave them waiting for more

Don’t leave them waiting for more – people get tired, you know

This goes back to the second tip “speak of what you know” – but do not get to that point in time that people will get tired of waiting for posting ‘what you know’. They will get tired waiting for your replies in their comments and private messages, and your relatively entertaining content that keeps them wanting for more – still you weren’t there.

Thus, update your profiles while making sure that you don’t get to post too quickly or too long after every other post. Make them wait, but don’t make them leave.



connect to keepers

Connect to keepers – avoid tempting numbers

As though it may tempt you to focus on the number of your followers – think of this: those people aren’t loyal. As impressive as ‘I have a million followers – TO DATE’ may sound to your co-marketers, they don’t guarantee conversion rates. Plus, you may be leaving people who are truly valuable to your business, which wouldn’t help in the long run.

To avoid doing so, connect with your loyal customers. Word-of-the-mouth is still better than any other strategy in marketing your brand – people know who they should trust, and that is not just some attractive business advertisements they see in Facebook or YouTube. A family and a friend will always be the best and proven networking means you can rely on. Do not leave out the keepers.



accept criticisms

Learn to accept criticisms (or negative feedbacks) – they count

Social media is cruel sometimes. You may receive negative feedbacks on your posts, but remember that it is normal and they count in your followers’ responsiveness. The fact that they do, and even if they don’t, learn to accept criticisms and negative feedbacks. It is a two-way communication, anyway – you and your customer. In the long run, it will help you grow and improve your business. Hence, treat them well.



social media has its own limits

Understand that social media has its own limits

Truthfully speaking, social media is just social media. Your views, likes, shares, and follows don’t accurately determine your conversion rates as some may only view, like, share, and follow your posts and profile – but some wouldn’t really count as paying customers. Thus, it is important to understand that social media has its own limits. It would be hard for you to measure its impact to and fro. Some businesses treat it as though it was an instant route that will lead them to success – but the truth is, it isn’t. It may be a route, but the probability of success is not at all guaranteed. You have to understand that you can’t rely solely on it. Know that you have to put in much effort on other strategies – as you do to it.

Nonetheless, social media takes a part in your business that only ‘it’ can provide you: a sense of humanity and awareness in the digital age.



Key Takeaway

With all these things considered, social media is just social media. As long as you understand how it works and manages it the right way, you will be able to conquer it and ultimately build awareness about your brand through it.

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