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10 Common Social Media Mistakes… You May Be Guilty About

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In a digital business’ perspective, it is important to understand that while social media has been a very effective campaign for most businesses, some still fails. Why? That is because they do not understand how social media marketing (also SMM) really works. Hence, most companies of today outsource to a search engine and social media marketing agency, notably in the Philippines. Although this may be effective, it is also essential to be aware of the most common social media mistakes marketers do… that you and your business may also be guilty about.




1.  Pestering People Who Aren’t Interested in You

It is indeed annoying when you are getting random notifications in your social media account. Take this for instance, you log into your Instagram account and a notification pops up from “name-of-the-person” wants to follow you. You accepted his/her invitation without checking his/her profile because ‘hey, it is a follower’. After a while, he/she comments on most of your posts and sends you direct messages. Turns out, it is a social media marketing strategy of some business. Annoying, right?

Now if your business is doing the same thing – stop. Force promoting your product doesn’t make people happy nor will attract your company people to follow your business accounts. It just won’t work.



2.  Focusing on the Quantity and Not the Quality of Your Followers

Focusing on the quantity and not the quality of your followers is the gravest mistake you can make in your social media marketing strategy. While it is true that a huge number of followers may look impressive in your social media profile, it will not guarantee a high conversion rate nor is it helpful in converting customers. It is just a matter of time before you realize that your business isn’t gaining from your social media market and it may be too late as most of your competitors are all in the competition now.



3.  Spamming

Let’s just be honest here – everyone hates spam. Except if it is that juicy meat you have in cans.

If you keep on posting multiple irrelevant links a day, it will only drive your followers away from your social media profile. This is why you should always be better. Avoid posting irrelevant links as it will not help you in any other way.



4.  Posting Regular but Without Engaging Content

You may have been posting on a regular basis but with the same old lame content, definitely, you will fail in your attempt for a successful SMM strategy. Thus, it is important to create an engaging content such as tips and tutorials that people will find relevant. If those people find your links useful and informative, then there is a huge possibility that they will share it with their followers and friends who will most likely click those links and learn about your company. It doesn’t hurt to educate your followers – but still, you should maintain a balance between promoting your product and educating them.



5.  Creating Profiles on Too Many Channels

Creating profiles on numerous channels may count as something different, however, it doesn’t guarantee your SMM success. People may seem active on Snapchat, but it still wouldn’t beat the billion users of Facebook who are guaranteed interactive and could count as potential customers.



6.  Not Spending on Your SMM wisely

You may have been spending largely on more ads rather than the quality of your posts – which is definitely a wrong move. It is important to maintain a balance between your ads and SEO, as SEO can particularly help you in optimizing your posts and gaining quality followers. Use your money wisely.



7.  Not Converting Followers Into Paying Customers

While your posts may get viral online, it doesn’t guarantee success. What would count as success is having your followers click those ads and make a purchase – which will then generate sales.



8.  No Brand Personality

Brand personality is your ultimate card – thus, not having your own personality will only put you among the similar books on a shelf. The point of brand personality is that people don’t merely buy service or products, thus, a higher chance for a business to gain customers. Take Nike for an example. Nike is considered a conqueror brand as it is associated with character, endurance, performance, steadfastness, and resilience. It portrays such personality that speaks to a customer’s aspiration and desire.



9.  Not Knowing Your Target Audience

You may have been working a lot for your SMM, however, creating content and posting on multiple channels without actually knowing your target audience will only lead to wasted efforts.



10.  No Strategy

The root of all these common social media mistakes that you may have been doing is not creating a solid strategy for your SMM. Most of the businesses today – in fact, 90 percent of them – solidify an SMM strategy first before delving into social media which is particularly effective. The thing about running a campaign without meaningful goals and analysis is that results suffer.



Key Takeaway

In setting up your social media marketing strategy, it is important to realize that gathering success tips are not the only way to go forward – rather, it is also important to know where you are lacking so as to improve your strategy and further develop your brand.

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