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Online Video Commercial Package

As any modern marketer would tell you, television's viewership has dropped significantly in the past few years. TV ads no longer hold the potency it once did. Thus, more and more advertisers are turning to the online audience instead, and rightly so — according to a study by MarketingCharts in 2015, less and less young adults are tuning in to traditional TV and are opting for its online counterpart instead. Web sites like YouTube and Netflix that offer alternatives to the usual television experience do nothing to help the drop in television viewership; their comfortability and accessibility easily trumps over TV's fixed schedules selective programs.

This transition over to the “internet” side of things didn't come without a cost — in fact, it's even more difficult to advertise online due to the very limited viewing window every ad gets. For example, YouTube plays an ad every time a video is played, yet most of them only go on for 5 seconds before users are given the option to skip it. This means that strong, engaging content must be presented within the first 5 seconds in order to successfully reel anyone into watching the rest of your content, or you just wasted all your money on posting ads no one would ever even bother to look at.

So you may ask yourself, where does Sigil fit into all of this?

While digital marketing has evolved and has adapted itself into the quick-paced online environment, production of its content has remained the same. Writers still need to come up with scripts, artists still need to depict scenes, directors still need to lead, etc.; the list goes on. Sigil aims to give you all of that production value with the kind of service you'd expect from a company in our modern, internet-driven era. Our service is fast, easy, and best of all: hassle-free.

Just tell us what you want, and we'll deal with the rest.

Sigil is an all-in-one company that has everything you'll need to set up a successful ad campaign, and in this case, one that's going to be put up on YouTube. Our Online Video Commercial Package allows you to hire a complete production team — consisting of writers, animators, artists, editors, cinematographers, and talent, at the very least — to fully work on your project.

Base Package Includes

  • Project Manager
  • Script Writer
  • Voice Talent
  • Editor
  • Illustrator
  • 2D Animator

Additional Options

  • Live Video
  • 3D Animation

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Sigil is a digital marketing company that focuses on the ROI (return on investment) of your brand in the digital space. We do this through effective creativity and the power of digital marketing.

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