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Ways to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

  • It is a fact that people are getting deeply engaged with the digital world every day. More and more gadgets are being released on a daily basis — from the latest mobile phones, high-end laptops and desktops, computers, to other technology driven things that the public are attracted to.
  • Businesses are using this to their advantage to market their company, products, and services by means of digital marketing. In addition, several agencies, such as video production agencies, are offering high quality picture and video services to these companies to help them generate the best digital marketing campaign materials for their business.
  • Though a help from a digital marketing agency in the Philippines is significantly important to any business — may it be a start-up or a multinational company — constructing and following a digital marketing strategy could impressively make a huge difference to your company. However, some businesses and companies fail to create a digital marketing strategy since they do not see its importance. In effect, these companies and businesses fail to reach their goals.
  • As time goes by, more businesses and companies have jumped into the digital marketing bandwagon ever since it has been introduced to the corporate industry. All these businesses and companies have joined without a digital marketing strategy, hoping to acquire bigger goals for them only to fail in the end.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • Digital Marketing Strategy is a series of actions you take to help you achieve your marketing goal. It is, essentially, a plan that will guide what your company or business’ next steps are. It will also aid you in making your efforts more effective.
  • Moreover, digital marketing strategy should clearly set goals for your company or business, whether it’s an e-commerce shopping site, social media marketing service, or a video production agency. It should also help you measure your market share and progress while optimizing your strategies. As a result, your company will remain competitive in the business industry.
  • Creating a strategy from scratch may sound scary to most business people, but there’s no need to perceive it as a huge and distressing process. In fact, creating a digital marketing strategy for your company, or a video production agency, is simple — just think of it as a series of actions that will bring you closer to your goals. Additionally, the presence of digital marketing in a Philippine agency or business means that it is already close to reach its objectives.

Digital Marketing Strategy: How Can It Help Your Business?

  • It is true that digital marketing tools and engines can greatly help your business grow exponentially. But keep in mind that it takes work, time, and most importantly, a strategic and effective plan in order to be successful.

When crafting a digital marketing strategy, always remember to make it as basic as possible. In fact, a simple digital marketing strategy can surprisingly turn an abstract goal into an effective plan if it is intricately crafted.

Guidelines in Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Define Goals

Having a clear and precise company goal, whether it’s an e-commerce, social media, or a video production agency, is the first and probably the most important step in building an effective digital marketing strategy. Knowing and defining your goals can ultimately lead you towards your business’ growth. Additionally, it can give you a better understanding about digital marketing and how digital marketing strategy can help you and your company.

2. Analyze, Then Identify Your Audience

When you are in the analysis stage, you will learn more about your:

▪         Audience

▪         Business

▪         Goals

▪         Existing Assets

When these main factors are critically analyzed, then you will easily deliver and market your brand, products, and services in the public. Furthermore, it will also avoid unnecessary expenses by means of duplication.

This is where most companies fail. A company may not be delivering and presenting their brand, products, and services to the right target audience. Or they can be delivering it, but with the wrong audience. This is why analyzing and identifying your audience is disparagingly essential in your digital marketing strategy as a business, whether it’s a video production agency or an e-commerce shopping site.

Another thing you should evaluate when doing your company’s digital marketing strategy is your existing assets and available digital marketing channels that your company can conquer. There are 3 digital assets that your company can use as a platform, which are:

Owned Media
▪         Owned media are the digital assets that your business owns, such as your website, social media page, blog, visual content, and other assets that already belong to your business or company.

Earned Media
▪         The amount of reviews, mentions, shares, and guest posts are some examples of what earned media is. These are the digital assets that your business gained from its clients and customers by means of word-of-mouth.

Paid Media
▪         On the other hand, paid media are the digital assets that your business attained through paid promotions. Google AdWords and paid advertising are some features that paid media have.

You can use each of these platforms to analyze and identify what platform works well with your business or company.


3. Evaluate Yourself

Does your company have existing social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn? If yes, how many followers do you have? Are they active or ghost users? Does your agency’s video production projects generate significant views? Are your posts gaining enough likes, comments, and shares? If not, what can you do to improve its traffic?

These are some questions you must ask yourself when you are in this phase. Take some time to evaluate how your marketing strategy is performing, as much as possible, evaluate it regularly.

Moreover, do assess your brand’s current presence in the digital industry and compare it to your competitors. Keenly observe the engagements on both of you and your competitor’s website or web page. This is one effective way of knowing how you stand on the competition in the digital business industry.


4. Choose the Right Platform

It is indeed a fact that digital marketing will unquestionably give your business or company more exposure since it uses social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn as main channels. However, digital marketing is primarily marketed as multi-platform content delivery. This is why you should have at least 3 or 4 social media channels, wherein you can effectually deliver and present your content to your audience. In addition, you can also engage with your clients and customers on a daily basis.

But keep in mind that selecting the right platforms for your company is important. Your chosen social platforms should be the ones that are appropriate for your company and not just the popular ones.

Social media or networking sites are excellent digital channels, but they are not the only available social platforms that you should select. You can always create a website, web page, or an email exclusively for your company, or you can use the necessary marketing tools to promote your brand, products, services, and the agency in the digital marketing space.

When you have successfully chosen the perfect platform and channel for your company, you are then ensured that your company or business will ultimately succeed, develop, and grow online.

Here are some benefits that your company can acquire (when you choose the right platform and channel) to encourage you to take this step:

▪         Increase Web Traffic and Better Leads
▪         The right social platform that is appropriate for your company will surely increase your traffic. But remember that traffic to your website only helps your business if you are able to get and convert leads. Make sure that the platforms you pick and use are the ones that have tons of active users.

▪         Create a Worthy Account
▪         Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are some marketing tools that you can use for your business or company. However, you really need to focus on the accounts that are worthy in order to get good results.

▪         Follow Social Media’s Rule of Thumb
▪         There are some general rules that you should follow to make your business accounts more effective. One is to create a central space that you have been active for a long time. The second one is to engage with the people that already know and support you.

▪         Use SEO Hacks for Newbies
▪         Applying SEO to your company may be a struggle, most especially when you are just getting started with it. However, there are simple steps in SEO that you can apply to make the experience easier, like distributing your home page’s link to the most important pages or using forums and social sites to decipher keywords and topics you can use.


5. Plan

Planning your company’s digital marketing campaign can be hard, especially when you have several plans that you want to execute in the future. This is why creating a digital marketing calendar is a must when you are in the planning stage of your digital marketing strategy.

Generating a digital marketing calendar will be a great help, especially when planning your next steps in your company’s campaign. Additionally, the digital marketing calendar will also let you track the milestones, efforts, and pending tasks or actions for your campaign.

Your company or business can have one or multiple plans. It really depends on what your campaign is aiming for. But if you are planning to have more than one plot, here are some of the most important things that you should include in your marketing plan.

▪         Weekly and daily operational plans

▪         Campaign plans

▪         Yearly plans

▪         Long-term vision

Each of these plans has a different use and contribution for your campaign that will ultimately lead you towards your goals. As a reward, this may help your company, whether it’s a video production agency or a social media marketing service, stand out in the business industry.


6. Execute

This is the time that you transform your plans into actions. Once your campaign is about to launch, make sure that your team should be ready to collaborate and engage in unity to successfully complete all the tasks given to them. This will surely lead you into reaching your company goals. This is why the planning stage is so important; if you have not planned your campaign well, then you will have a hard time executing it. Remember that the more detailed the plan, the easier and more enjoyable it is to execute; especially for critical services such as that of a social media, e-commerce, or a video production agency.


7. Engage Yourself

When your digital marketing takes off, the next step is to keep its momentum. Since social media sites rapidly changes, constant and consistent attention is needed. You should always interact with your clients and customers by doing the following tips:

▪         Reply to questions and messages

▪         Respond to likes, mentions, retweets, and shares from your clients, customers, and spectators

▪         Engage yourself by sharing, liking, commenting, and retweeting useful content

▪         Respond to good and bad feedback comments

Remember that in order to engage your clients, customers, and viewers in your campaign, the generated content must be worth engaging and entertaining while attaining and meeting your SEO requirements. The secret in succeeding in this is to keep yourself updated on the latest social trends. Lastly, be creative when doing this. If you could tell people a story, then do so for your agency’s video production campaign. You’ll be surprised about the results.


8. Evaluate Results

At the end of the day, analyzing the results for your campaign is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. It is a must that you analyze your campaign’s results in order to see if its effective or if it must be improved. Customer feedback should be included in the analysis part, along with the statistics collected from various tools you have used. This may include the likes, comments, and shares from your agency’s video production campaign, number of participants from your Instagram contest, or retweets on Twitter. Additionally, you can use your campaign’s analyzed results as a basis to incessantly improve your company’s next campaign.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Works

  • There are several digital marketing strategies that will surely help you in building your digital marketing content. Here are some of them.

From Outbound Marketing to Content Marketing

  • At present, it is not enough for you to highlight your product and service’s features and capabilities to acquire audience and to increase your sales. Today, you must add value to your brand, products, and services.
  • Content Marketing is proven to drive more traffic and leads compared to outbound marketing. This is why you should create content that is engaging and entertaining that will ultimately get you customers and an increase number in sales.

Interactive Content

  • Interactive content can surely draw more attention to your campaign while increasing your engagement in social media sites. In effect, your brand will ultimately gain more traffic while extending your reach to more people. One way to do so is a series of tutorials, a trendy video production, or an agency hosted competition that can attract users to join.

Reuse and Repurpose Your Top Content

  • Reusing and repurposing your top content can ultimately lead your clients, audience, and viewers to stay and read your blog posts. Additionally, this can also attract prospects to your brand.
  • Whether you are a venturing freelancer, budding entrepreneur, startup business person, or a multinational corporation owner; digital marketing is significantly important in order to be successful in the corporate industry. In addition, a digital marketing strategy will also help you reach your goals for your company.
  • If you are looking for a digital marketing company that has the best of everything that can help you generate a successful ad campaign, then Sigil is the perfect fit for you and your business. Visit our website today to learn more about our services!