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Advantages of Moving Pictures in Digital Marketing

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Advantages Of Moving Pictures In Digital Marketing

What are the advantages of moving pictures in digital marketing?

  1. Can Capture People’s Attention
  2. Increases Dwell Time
  3. Makes Text More Interesting
  4. Works on All Types of Devices
  5. Creates a Memorable Brand Identity
  6. Big Return, Little Investment


In order to make your online presence more visible to a larger target market, consider including moving pictures into your content. Invest in the help of a digital marketing agency in the Philippines to strategize ways on how you can better integrate moving pictures to your branding. Moving pictures can take form in either motion graphics, videos, or through Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Not only will moving pictures encourage your target market to revisit your site multiple times, but it also makes information easier to consume.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of moving pictures in digital marketing.


Can Capture People’s Attention

Can Capture People’s Attention

As people’s attention spans get shorter and shorter, it is imperative to immediately capture their interest in the first couple of seconds. The movement of moving pictures can immediately catch the attention of the audience’s eyes, effectively directing them to look at your content. If they are interested to know its context, they will end up consuming more of your content.

Try to integrate moving pictures in between paragraphs in articles or consider using a video to share information to your viewers instead. Once they stop to consume your content, your audience’s dwell time on your page will start to rise.


Increases Dwell Time

In order to find the best type of moving picture for your content, take note that it should be able to complement the theme of your text. It should also be eye-catching enough in order to increase the dwell time a person spends visiting your page. Dwell time is based on how long a person spends looking at a page after clicking it from a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The more visually appealing your moving pictures are, the more time people will spend on your page.

Try to make use of eye-catching colors in your graphics or an interesting thumbnail for your video to capture attention. Besides capturing the viewers’ attention through quirky moving pictures, it can also pique their interest in the topic of your content.


Makes Text More Interesting

Makes Text More Interesting

Evoking emotion in marketing has been known to impact decision-making in consumers. Moving pictures have the ability to get a certain reaction out of your viewer. By carefully integrating the right moving picture into the narrative of your content, you will be able to give readers a more interesting time consuming it. This will lead them to consume more of your content and can make them a loyal consumer.

If the viewer thoroughly enjoys the moving pictures you have within your content, they can easily share it with their peers through their digital devices.


Works on All Types of Devices

Content with moving pictures is easily shareable because they do not need the help of video players. This means that viewers will be able to view your content on a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other digital means. This makes your content user-friendly and can further your reach in your target market. Make sure that your format your content to be easily consumable on all kinds of devices.

Make use of social media channels that allow you to share content with moving pictures easily. If it is easy to maneuver, there is a higher chance that people will look into it. Once you continue to shell out content with moving pictures that people enjoy, you will be able to create a more memorable brand identity online.


Creates a Memorable Brand Identity

Creates A Memorable Brand Identity

The success factor of this new type of content for you would be based on brand awareness and brand association. With constant high-traffic content, people will start to associate the motion graphics you make use of with your company. Try to have a running theme in terms of the types of moving pictures you include in your content.

Moving pictures can help you solidify your brand message through visual means. If you continuously make how-to videos that lead to positive results, people will start to trust your business more. This type of content can help you create more loyal followers without needing to invest in expensive mediums.


Big Return, Little Investment

Unlike traditional mediums, content creation for the digital world does not require you to spend a large amount of money. Royalty-free moving pictures can easily be found online that you can make use of for your articles. Posting on social media channels are also free, allowing you to reach a large number of people without needing to spend too much money. Choose your preferred social media channels well to find the most ideal way to share your content.

These are just some of the advantages of moving pictures in digital marketing. Read up to learn about more ways to integrate moving pictures into your content.


Key Takeaway

Integrating moving pictures into your digital presence can help solidify your brand identity in the minds of numerous consumers. By splitting up long texts with motion graphics or by converting how-to articles into videos, you are making your content easier to consume. It can also help you reach a wider market without the need to spend too much on content creation. With the help of a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, you can craft your content to provide information to your consumers in a memorable way.

Invest the help of a trusted digital marketing agency in the Philippines in order to seamlessly integrate moving pictures into your content.

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