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How Digital Marketing in the Philippines has Changed Over the Years

How Digital Marketing in the Philippines has Changed Over the Years

What are the important points that digital marketing in the Philippines experienced over the years?

  1. Selling got softer
  2. The rise of content marketing
  3. Prioritization of branding and searchability



Gone are the days when digital marketing in the Philippines consisted strictly of annoying advertisements and simply messaging people to try out your product or services. Those were the days when businesses didn’t even have any kind of digital presence because they stuck with what has worked in the past. Hard selling through their physical locations—and for some, telemarketing.

But the concept of hard selling has fallen off its pedestal as the premier marketing effort of many businesses because it doesn’t sit well with the current digital marketing regime. Yes, the great techniques of the past are no longer considered the best. The marketing landscape, in general, has changed because of the introduction of digital marketing. In the Philippines, where many cling to tradition and past practices, digital marketing has changed so much and is continuing to grow as time passes by.

Here are a few points of comparison when it comes to digital marketing today and of the past!



Selling Got Softer

Selling Got Softer

In the past, when upfront sales and immediate results were the most effective way of measuring the effectiveness of a sales campaign, every salesperson and their mother would focus greatly on hard-selling their product or service.

Hard-selling is a direct approach to promotions and sales. In this method, salespeople would do aggressive sales pitches and constant ‘call to actions’ in order to sell their product. In most cases, hard selling bombards customers with information about the product being sold—sometimes going a little bit overboard and scaring some customers on the way.

This relatively forceful way of selling is not easy to pull off, but those who can do so in person are great assets to a company. This approach is not that applicable to digital marketing, however. Without the natural persuasive nature and conversational environment that face-to-face interaction has hard selling is incredibly hard to do.

This is where soft-selling come in. Soft-selling is known to be an indirect way of sales that focuses more on building reputations and relationships before any kind of sales to be made. This kind of selling makes use of emotions and branding in order to get people to buy their product. In the past, it was mostly large companies that do this. However, now, it is a big part of digital marketing, as it is the perfect platform for soft-selling!



The Rise of Content Marketing

Unlike before where the seller is usually the one in charge of sales transactions, today it’s all about the customers. Customer-centric efforts have become the norm for modern digital marketing. It is the customers that look for what they want. No longer will they be easily swayed by sales talk—rather they now look for brands with positive reputations.

Most of the time, customers won’t know what they’re looking for until they find it—and that’s where content marketing shines!

Content marketing is the use of different forms of content to help customers find what they’re looking for—their products! Content marketing comes in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics and a lot more digital efforts that play around content.

Content is what customers end up searching for, and would eventually lead up to them going to your website and possibly converting into sales!



Prioritization of Branding and Searchability

Prioritization of Branding and Searchability

Over the years branding has only risen in priority for many businesses. The improvement of your branding is one of the main things you can do to grow your business. In the minds of some experts, branding is the most important part of their marketing efforts. Not only does it add to your credibility, but it can also make your customers remember you—and that’s way more important than a one-time sale!

Along with branding, searchability has also become a very important factor in your digital marketing efforts! In a world that relies heavily on search engines and getting searched, the best thing that will help out your digital marketing efforts is the capability of being easily searched!

More commonly known as SEO or search engine optimization, this will make your business more prone to being searched by your target market! The more it gets searched, the better the chances of you getting leads!

Branding and searchability are two of the most important aspects of digital marketing because they increase your presence and impact in the digital realm. No longer do companies rely on hard-selling advertisements and pop-ups in order to generate leads—rather it is the slow and steady building of reputation and authority that make a difference.



Key Takeaway

Digital marketing in the Philippines has gone through a lot over the past few years. Although it’s still in a relatively young stage, the digital marketing industry in the Philippines is continually going growing and experiencing many innovations. Just like how it has been in the past, digital marketing in the Philippines has nowhere to go but up in the near future!

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