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The Psychological Influence of Color in Digital Marketing in the Philippines


The Psychological Influence of Color in Digital Marketing in the Philippines

What does color bring to digital marketing?

  1. Color Psychology
  2. Significant impacts on the industry
  3. Brand and color association



Every business has to have a logo. It’s usually a graphic that helps people identify with that brand. But those logos aren’t made up on the fly. In most cases, it takes a long and comprehensive time before a business decides on one. Digital marketing in the Philippines includes the creation of these logos because, in essence, it’s going to be part of everything marketing related.

These logos, along with other visual content are created with many things in mind, the company vision and mission statement, the identity they want their customers to know them by and the market which they want to tap. There are many strategies that are involved in creating these content, but one key factor when it comes to visual ads be it traditional advertisements or social media marketing in the Philippines is the color that they use.

Humans greatly rely on visuals. Aesthetics and particularly color play a big role in influencing people all around us. When it comes to digital marketing, your choice of color for an ad can have massive implications on its effectiveness. With that being said, take a brief look at what color can bring to your digital marketing efforts!



What’s so special about color psychology in digital marketing

What’s so special about color psychology in digital marketing?

Color psychology is a field that discusses how color influences human behavior and decision-making. It explores what colors represent in the minds of people and what emotions it can stimulate.

In the field of marketing, different colors can impact the way a buyer perceives a brand through provoking certain emotions and feelings. For example, certain colors and hues can stimulate a person’s appetite, while others instill a better sense of confidence and self-worth to certain people.

When you think about it, color psychology is always used by famous companies and their way of using it only increases their influence. Using brand colors doesn’t only add a simple aesthetic upgrade to your digital marketing efforts, it also embeds a certain stereotype on it.

Take note though that even though there are studies which show that color does have an influence on people, it is not always precise. The effects of color are different from person to person. Demographic factors such as gender, culture, and age can influence how an individual perceives color.



The Impact of Colors in Marketing

With the coming of a digital age and the improvements that the Internet has gotten, there has been a priority on the use of visuals in every kind of content. With company websites, social media presence and traditional advertisements, color has become a huge part of building a brand. Take note that when it comes to digital marketing, colors are associated with a number of different emotions.

Colors add a layer of identity to brands, especially those who use it consistently in all of their deliverables. It builds a sense of familiarity and can also improve a company’s reputation when it’s done properly.



Why Brands Should Associate Themselves with Color

Why Brands Should Associate Themselves with Color

Brands and businesses today should not settle with a mediocre digital presence. They should find ways to continually improve their aesthetics and visuals. It is more important than ever for you to have attractive content in every kind of presence that you have.

Take a look at famous brands and the colors that are apparent in their marketing efforts. It’s almost always the same, and the vibe of the ads would also be similar to one another. As long as you do this with your marketing efforts, you might also be able to create a bigger following in the long run!

To help you identify which color would suit your business, presented below are some colors and what emotions and personalities are associated with them:

Black is a color that denotes luxury and power. It presents the idea of simplicity and elegance which many high-end brands are known for. Pairing it with a bright color will add a bit of energy to the sophistication that the color black brings. Take note however that its usability is selective and some industries don’t benefit from the color black at all. Black is associated with decisiveness, confidence, and seriousness.

White and/or Silver represents cleanliness and modernization. It requires a slightly minimalist design philosophy, but it can offer a sleek, simplistic and clean look when executed properly. On the other hand, when the design is poorly done, it can backfire, looking very lazy and lacking personality. White presents optimism and innocence.

Yellow is the color you choose to represent youthfulness, happiness, and sunshine. It projects strong positive emotions which somehow relegates logistical concerns. It’s a great supplement to the color black as this pairing can be powerful when done correctly. Yellow is usually associated with independence and impulsiveness.

Red has the ability to trigger powerful emotions. Shades of red can create a sense of urgency making it one of the most effective colors for sales. Studies also show that the color can make your heart beat faster, making it perfect for cars and sometimes lingerie. Red is associated with being bold, adventurous and energetic.



Key Takeaway

Digital marketing in the Philippines has very high respect for the use of color. In most cases, it can make or break a brand’s cohesiveness. Take a look at social media marketing in the Philippines and how particular brands make use of color to further entice people to read their blogs or try out their products. When used properly, color can influence not only your employees and customers but also the effectivity of your advertisements across all platforms!

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