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Confidential: The Secret to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

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It is true that marketers need quality videos to further boost their brand with the expertise of a video production company. In the Philippines, particular occurrences of viral videos in various social media platforms have become an instant success strategy for most companies.

But success doesn’t come easy – there is more to a viral business video that you have watched. What made you watch that video? What made it great? How did they come up with such an entertaining story? How did it reach a million views?

As you would’ve guessed, that video has a secret. To help you find out the perfect recipe to a successful video marketing strategy, here’s a list of the specific factors most successful video marketing strategies has:



Tell Audience a Story

1.  Tell Your Audience a Story

It is important to realize that for your video to go viral, it needs to tell a story. Such a story that people will find entertaining and connect themselves with. Most of these days, people go for those videos that will either enlighten them, humor them, or melt their hearts.

So how do you effectively tell a story?

  • Avoid making a video that is centered around your product only. You will get results, but unsatisfactory results that will not help your company.
  • Entice your audience, make them curious. Most viral videos of today use a story that will make a person question the content. What is this about? How is this related to the product?
  • Surprise them with your product – of course, you do not want your product to get left out. So make sure that you think of a story that goes around your product and at the same time, something that people cares about.


By doing this, your viewership will – without a doubt – skyrocket.



Every Second Counts

2.  Every Second Counts – Make Sure It’s Worth It

People’s attention span in online videos is becoming shorter than before, thus, it is important to use your first 5-10 seconds wisely.

To make an effective video, you should be able to implement these two ‘magical’ methods:


Method 1: It is particularly important to catch the fish the moment your bait gets into the water, as your purpose will go unnoticed and wasted if the opportunity has passed you by. How do you do this? You can get the audiences’ attention once you ask them questions or throw them interesting teasers about your video. That will definitely make them question themselves, “What is this video all about?”

Method 2: Make sure that your message gets to the audience directly right within the first few seconds of your video. It is useless to spark curiosity from your audience when you can’t even give clarity on the value of your video. Why should they watch it?


Additionally, it is also effective to use the right and most interesting high-quality shot you’ve got in your video to be your video’s thumbnail. Remember, thumbnails can build lasting first impressions for your video.



Connect With Audience

3.  Connect With Your Audience, Allow Them to Learn

This goes way back to the first important factor in building a successful marketing strategy. You should allow your audience to learn.

In content marketing, one way to get people’s attention is to create content that will educate them. The same thing this goes for video marketing. People nowadays are aware of the various information they come across over the Internet, and what they need now is people that will educate them on how to utilize that information. With this in mind, you should make videos that are helpful, informative, and of course, entertaining. You can make videos that will teach people on how to use your product or share tips that will help them in fixing that particular product. You can also create webinars showcasing your knowledge in the industry while positioning your brand as a thought leader, and ultimately, inspire your customers.



Don't Forget to Include CTAs

4.  Do Not Forget to Include CTAs

A call-to-action or CTA button is an effective way to optimize your content and convert visitors into leads. This will help you direct your audience on where to go next after watching your video. A few CTAs you can use are:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Comment, like, and share our video
  • Follow and like our Facebook page
  • Watch other content on our channel


You might be wondering, where should I put these CTAs? Wistia says you have three options on where to place your CTAs: pre-, mid-, or post-roll. Points to consider about these three options are:

  • By positioning a pre-roll CTA at the very beginning of your video, you can make sure that your audience sees it, thus, having the opportunity to get clicked.
  • Mid-roll CTA, on the other hand, can be placed in anywhere at the beginning or at the end of your video as they are most likely designed to target your audience when they are most engaged in the video.
  • Lastly, post-roll CTAs are placed at the end to make sure that your audience is highly interested in being presented with a CTA.


Along with this information, you can also take into consideration that as per Wistia’s analysis on 481,514 CTAs from 324,015 Wistia hosted videos, it was found that 95.9% are placing CTAs at the very end of their videos, 4% for mid-roll CTAs, and a minimal 0.1% for pre-roll CTAs. However, that’s not it. Interestingly, the highest conversion rate goes to mid-roll CTAs with an average of 16.95%, followed by post-roll CTAs at 10.98%.

Suggestively, you can try experimenting on which option you should go for as the type of audience you are targeting can also contribute to your strategy’s success.



Post Content in Right Places

5.  Post Your Content in the Right Places

Not satisfied with the results? You may have been overlooking a factor in your video marketing strategy.

To build an audience base for your content, you should learn to distribute your video in locations where your target audience is. It is pretty useless to post your video on your website while your target audience is hanging out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Knowing your place in various social media platforms will make a great impact on your conversion rate.



Monitor Social Stats

6.  Monitor Your Social Stats

While your video is available on almost every social media platform, it is your utmost responsibility to monitor your videos’ ratings. Is your target audience responding to your videos? What particular videos have the most views, where are they located, and how many shares do these videos get?

Through this data, you will be able to ultimately plan your next video marketing strategy and further optimize your content – the SEO way.


Key Takeaway

Given these points, it is evident that for a video marketing strategy to succeed, you will have to carefully consider specific factors that will fit the needs of your business as well as your target audience. Though it would be a huge achievement to go viral, what is important is to achieve your goal – convert target audiences into leads.

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