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How Digital Marketing Got its Start in the Philippines


How Digital Marketing Got its Start in the Philippines

How did digital marketing start in the Philippines?

  1. Rise of the internet – The increased accessibility of the internet helped pave the way towards going digital.
  2. The rise of search – Search engines like Google created a new way to market websites and brands.
  3. Social media and video boom – Social media platforms and video streaming take over the digital marketing world.
  4. Growth of digital marketing agencies – Digital marketing agencies become one of the world’s top industries as the world goes digital.


Digital marketing has grown to become one of the largest industries over the course of the 2010s. As a majority of the world made the big shift to digital media, the growth of digital marketing skyrocketed, with more big companies and brands moving away from traditional media and focusing their efforts in expanding their presence in the digital market.

This shift towards going digital has been aided by the massive popularity and usage of social media platforms and search engines, which have become platforms that can enable a digital marketing company in the Philippines, for example, to advertise and promote their brand digitally. While digital marketing is thriving in the Philippines, the road towards its establishment and eventual growth over the decade can be attributed to a number of key moments over the past two decades. Here’s how digital marketing got its start and helped it become an established industry today.


Rise of the Internet

The internet is arguably one of the most significant innovations of the 20th century, as it helped connect people digitally across the world. The 1990s saw a massive surge in popularity, as internet connection became more accessible to people across the world. The Philippines is no exception, as local telecom companies were quick to pick up on the trend, providing people across the country with internet access for the first time.

While promoting and advertising businesses and brands online is still at its relative infancy, some of the earliest attempts made use of early e-commerce websites and some of the first search engines. The first web-ad banners were also developed, which was one of the important first steps in digital marketing innovation. The 90s were a time of early experimentation, as people were only beginning to see the potential of the internet as a viable marketing tool.


The Rise of Search

The Rise of Search

The 90s saw the development and introduction of some of the world’s first search engines. While the first search engines aren’t like what Google and Bing are today, they were still functional enough to allow users to discover new websites. The 2000s saw a massive amount of development for search engines, with Google creating innovations that helped change how online search is being done by everyone. This helped search engines become more than just a site that allows them to discover websites and topics, but also a new platform to promote and advertise businesses and brands.

This ushered in a new form of digital marketing called search engine optimization. This form of marketing makes use of strategies such as website optimization, content marketing, and link building in order to achieve a high search engine ranking. Soon more companies and brands began their early attempts at SEO. This helped digital marketers and search engines learn which strategies are ethical and effective, allowing the field to develop even further. As the decade went on, search engines and SEO continued to improve and innovate, allowing them digital marketers and search engine companies to develop new strategies and guidelines that would become a standard during the 2010s.


Social Media and Video Boom

The 2000s not only saw the rise of search engines in digital marketing, but it also saw the rise of social media networks, which include giants Facebook and Twitter during the latter half of the decade, and Instagram during the 2010s. Social media networks allowed people to interact and connect with each other online, allowing them to share content such as videos, photos, messages, and social updates.

The widespread use and increased accessibility of social media over the 2000s and the 2010s not only helped in its growth, but it also allows digital marketers to discover a new platform where they can promote brands and businesses directly to online users. This caused a boom in social media marketing, with numerous big brands and businesses generating social media campaigns that helped them reach a wider audience and expand their online presence.

Along with the rise of social media, video streaming sites became more widespread, with YouTube becoming the dominant platform during the 2000s. YouTube enables its users to publish videos in their platform for everyone to see, with some of these videos becoming some of the first forms of viral content, generating millions of views and receiving widespread media attention. The potential to generate viral content soon prompted digital marketing companies to promote their ad campaigns on the platform.

This led to some brands creating viral marketing campaigns of their own, utilizing social media and video streaming platforms to reach millions of people across the world. As the 2010s went on, social media and video streaming websites have become the top digital marketing platforms, as it helped reach a wide audience directly, while also being a cost-effective strategy compared to traditional media marketing.

In the Philippines, the 2010s was also a time in which more people and agencies across the country began to see the potential of digital marketing becoming successful in the country. As traditional media begins to give way to the internet, the establishment of digital marketing agencies in the country soon helped brands and businesses enter a new era of marketing.


Growth of Digital Marketing Agencies

Growth of Digital Marketing Agencies

The continued innovations in digital marketing helped foster the growth of dedicated digital marketing agencies across the world. These agencies help promote businesses and brands in the digital market, allowing them to expand their online presence, while also generating revenue through various marketing campaigns and promotions. Once a small industry, digital marketing agencies are now some of the fastest growing companies in the world today.

In the Philippines, digital marketing agencies have been growing at an increasingly rapid pace, as more brands and businesses are making the transition from traditional to digital marketing in order to reach a wider online audience. This makes hiring a digital marketing company in the Philippines an important factor in helping a brand’s online presence. With the digital field becoming even more competitive than before, it is best to ensure that you hire a quality digital marketing agency that would be able to help you take your brand to new digital heights.


Key Takeaway

Digital marketing is a field that continues to evolve and innovate as technology becomes increasingly complex. As the industry continues to thrive, there is nowhere to go but up for these growing digital marketing agencies.

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