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5 Great Marketing Ideas to Boost Traffic for 2019

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5 Great Marketing Ideas to Boost Traffic for 2019

What are great marketing ideas to help boost traffic for your website this 2019?

  1. Write inviting headlines
  2. Reference the past for future plans
  3. Incorporate both long and short-form content on your website
  4. Use social media as inspiration
  5. Incorporate videos to your website


The realm of marketing is changing. Gone are the days wherein traditional methods are the best strategies for success. Content marketing has experienced immense growth and popularity. The benefits of the virtual world are what a good digital marketing agency in the Philippines and marketing firms in other developing countries take advantage of. There are so many ways to not only generate but to boost traffic. With the upcoming trends of 2019, here are 5 ideas to keep your page up to date:


Write inviting headlines

Coming up with an inviting headline is as important as the content. It will be at the forefront of your post. It’s the first thing people will see before they decide on clicking that mouse button to read your content. It’s essential to write headlines that are simple, straight to the point, and attention-grabbing. Make use of headline analyzers to see how well your headlines score and how they would look on search engines. These are great tools that can help you boost traffic for your site.

There are a lot of factors that will determine how well your headline will drive traffic. The number of characters and words, a balance of words, and incorporating keywords in your headlines will determine their ranking. Here are a few tips: Ensure that your headlines are around 55 characters long and contain around 6 to 8 words. Structure your headlines well, excellent grammar and overall readability will affect your search rankings.


Reference the past for future improvements

Reference the past for future improvements

2019 will be a year filled with new opportunities and better ideas, but it’s always great to look back at your successes. There will always be a pattern or a trend that has led to your success. Gather data from your previous campaigns and projects. Analyze your content and the strategies behind them, what could’ve been done to further improve them. See what made them attract customers, audience, and traffic; what sets your work apart from the rest. You can use the same formula you once used that helped you thrive and succeed.

You no longer have to start from scratch. You can now have more actionable ideas and a solid foundation from where and how to start. You can come into 2019 with better and more effective plans and ideas. There will definitely be new trends that you can capitalize on. Imply your former strategies to new ideas; adapt, innovate, improve, and refine what you know to make your current ideas more relevant.


Incorporate both long and short-form content on your website

Blog posts, articles, or any written content that contain more than 2,000 words are favorable for search engines because they are likely to rank higher, and for audiences due to the detailed content and heavy information that long-form content usually hold. Because of this, most businesses champion long-form over short form content. But times are changing, that is true for the audience as well.

It would be a great idea to start incorporating (more) short-form content to your marketing efforts. 2019 would be a great year to start something new for your business. Though short-form doesn’t rank higher than long-form, the majority of today’s audience tends to read content with less word count but contain loads of information. Applying this strategy will target the younger generation. Millennials enjoy reading short articles instead of long ones because they can read more material of varying topics rather than focusing on one long article.


Use social media as inspiration

Use social media as inspiration

There’s no better way to get up to speed with the latest trends and the interests of your audience than by looking at social media. What’s the latest dance craze? What’s trending in Dubai, Singapore, Manila? What are advertising agency firms doing to capture the interests of the people? There’s no better way to know all of this than through the use of social media.

Find out what brands people are using, what’s popular and what’s not, it’s also a good place to read about what people think about certain businesses. Your audience will express what they love and what they think is enjoyable to read. You can capitalize on this, create and promote your content based on what is trending.


Incorporate videos to your website

In this day and age, people are more inclined to watch videos than to read. Video content is predicted to take over web traffic by 80% by 2019. Take advantage of this expectation. Start adding videos to your site and incorporate them into your content. If you’re wondering how you can start or what videos you should create, viewers are usually interested in videos that provide information about the products you offer.

With the addition of videos to your content, you’re increasing the potential of traffic for your site. This also makes your content more engaging for your audience. Hand-in-hand, written content, and videos work well together; you can make videos to clarify and explain your content further. Other do it the other way around, the written content supplements the videos. However, you want to make use of the power of video content, will depend on your style. Never force things just to make add videos to your content.


Key Takeaway

Content marketing’s relevance is constantly gaining popularity. 2019 will be an even more fruitful year for digital marketing. There are numerous ways to boost traffic for your webpage. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends and follow the pattern of whatever is happening around the world. Following these tips will keep your webpage from being dated.

In the Philippines, a digital marketing agency in Manila or an advertising agency in Cebu may employ different techniques for creating traffic, because of the difference of trends in their respective regions. Capitalize on every marketing opportunity 2019 will present you with.

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