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Stories That Aren’t Scripted: Video Scripts that Tell Real Stories

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Stories That Aren’t Scripted: Video Scripts that Tell Real Stories

How do you write compelling scripts for a video campaign?

  1. Focus on the target.
  2. Converse with your target audience.
  3. Write completely.
  4. Revise.
  5. Include a CTA.
  6. Invite feedback.


Digital marketing in the Philippines has produced a plenty of viral videos that amused, thrilled, challenged, and warmed the hearts of people. It’s a scene where you have to make sure you get to cater to what people need and help fulfill their aspirations through inspiring stories. However, the art itself amongst stories have gone viral, where some videos produce stories that were already told a few days ago by a different brand. Or a video that forces a connection between people and their product though it is almost impossible. Essentially, video campaigns should not work like that.

But how do you make sure that your video doesn’t feel nor look scripted? Here’s a couple of things we can tell you when writing a script for your video campaign.

Focus on the target

Focus on the target

In writing a script, you don’t just open your laptop or raise your pen and start writing down your story. You don’t do that. You have to think about the target goal, audience, intention, or results that you expect it to fulfill, and then create an outline that will guide you throughout the script. To shape a framework of your story, you can make use of these questions:

  • What is your goal for creating the video? For what purpose does it serve? Having a clear and concise answer to this will help you factor out the other elements smoothly.
  • Who is your target audience? Who do you think will find comfort and satisfaction in this video? Here, you have to point out a specific target, and understand what they need. Doing so will help you achieve your goal, no doubt.
  • Why are you making the video? What message do you intend to deliver? Concentrating on a particular message will help you gain your target audience’s attention and keep them entertained.
  • How do you expect the video to deliver? Do you expect it to generate traffic on your site, raise your brand’s awareness, or convert leads to generate sales?


Converse with your target audience

Why do videos fail in the Philippine digital marketing scene? The answer is simple: they lack stories – real stories that speak to the audience, and not itself. A story that does not look scripted nor dull in its core. A script that does not limit itself to the goal of the business, rather expands to meet the needs of the audience. How do you meet all these? Converse.

People love sharing their experiences, real-life stories that they either survived or still find challenging – which is where you should step in. Take Dove for example. They have been making successful, life-changing videos that their audience loved time and time again. Their videos conversed, delivered, and catered to their audiences about their challenges and solutions that they can opt for to surpass those challenges in the smoothest manner possible. Have you ever seen Dove videos speaking science? No. This is because they are focusing on a universal subject, something that every woman in the world encounters regardless of her work’s nature, age, and language.

If you have the same demographic in mind, speak casual – and you will definitely get through them.

Write completely

Write completely

When we say completely, you have to keep your script detailed. In such a manner that the production crew wouldn’t need to return the paper to you because they get what you have in mind, detail per detail. They need not to ask about the character, the setting, the transition of events, the plot, and any other significant element that will play a part in your script.

As much as possible, avoid sending them an outline. It’s your guide in building the script itself and not your production crew’s nor your supervisor’s. Leaving things off may ruin the message that you intend to deliver, so keep it full as you may. The word count will be worth it.



If you’re bored with the first few paragraphs of your story, revise it. Similar to creating a blog content, prolonging your introduction will only make your viewers leave the video because it’s boring. Have you ever heard about the 10-second rule? (We’ve written it in the previous articles if you’ve read them). The point here is, you have to keep it juicy and engaging in the first 10 seconds, otherwise, you wouldn’t fulfill your goal. Then, you have to make sure you have them hooked for the rest of your video – to keep them watching until the very end of it.

To make sure you incorporate this measure into your script, review-revise-review. Until you have a shorter, yet more compelling script, don’t stop.

Include a CTA

Include a CTA

In the field of digital marketing in the Philippines or even across the world, you shouldn’t dare go missing your CTA (call-to-action). Why? The answer is truly simple: your CTA is what leads the audience to contact you after watching the video. What do you want them to do? Purchase a product? Subscribe to your channel? Visit your website for a free quote? Let them know what they should do and do not ever hesitate on leading them on. This is the perfect part where you talk about what you’re basically marketing, and while you’re on it, keep it straight-forward and inviting.


Invite feedback

In number 4, you’ve reviewed your own script and have spotted your own flaws. However, this leads to a question: what do others think about your script? For this matter, you have to invite feedback perhaps let your teammates read your script, or the family to lay their views on what you’ve written. Not only will this help build your story, but will also help gain an initial insight of how it sounds to other people. Just make sure that you choose the right people to ask feedback from, like how you chose your target audience.


Key Takeaway

How does that sound? Writing a script for a video campaign in the Philippine digital marketing landscape is nowhere near documenting technical stuff or rewriting a chapter from your history book. It needs focus, patience, revisions, a lot of feedback, and a leading element to fulfill your campaign’s goal. Most of all, it needs a heart to tell a real story – not that kind of video that only tells about a product’s content and forces people to buy it. When you have the right amount of ingredients poured in, you’ll definitely ace your video’s script.

If you’re looking for a Philippine digital marketing buddy to help you out on your video campaign, visit Sigil – a digital marketing company that can help make your brand louder and more visible overall!

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