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Campaign in the Membrane: Fool-Proof Your Video Campaign

Digital Marketing Philippines,

Campaign in the Membrane: Fool-Proof Your Video Campaign

What steps could you take to fool-proof your video campaign?

  • Choose a target audience fit for your brand
  • Create a content that concentrates on your target audience
  • Have a call-to-action
  • Make your first 10 seconds impactful
  • Continuously promote your video


Nowadays, it is not only in the Philippines is digital marketing being particularly dynamic, hence, as for everyone around the world as well. What may be successful for others may not go the same for you – and when that happens, it can be frustrating dealing with a flop video marketing campaign.

How do you make a video campaign work, then?

To know how to keep your campaign from failing, and aim for success, one has to dig into the main cause of failure. It’s like checking a patient for what he’s feeling and what happened before that to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, you’ll be prescribing him with the wrong medications.

Going about fool-proofing your video campaign, there are particular factors that you have to work on. Yes, factor with an “s”. While this may require you to go back and forth your campaign plan, it is definitely the best way to go around the mistake – and fortunately, to raise your campaign’s figures a few more bars up.

Choose your target audience

Choose your target audience

Amongst all factors that you’d do wrong, this is the most crucial. This is because if you do, you get the whole video campaign wrong. Remember that for every campaign, no matter what media you use, it is truly important to set your goal precisely; the broader your subject is, the higher the tendency that you will fail your campaign.

Let’s get this for an instance, you are marketing a service that caters to business professionals with over 5 years of experience in the Philippine digital marketing industry. Yet, you had the video campaign posted in a lifestyle page on Facebook.

While you may have opened a few potential opportunities with the followers on that page, it’s not practical. Going broad for a video campaign could be a flat trap waiting for a victim.


Create a content that concentrates on your target audience

As you brainstorm with your teammates and before you even write a script, keep in mind that you have to create a clear content parallel to who your target audience is. It should be concise in a manner that when they read it, they’ll definitely think “Oh, that’s me you’re talking about!” rather than, “Who’re you talking about?”

We can’t deny the fact that writing a clear and concise content that will appeal to your target audience can be tough, but with proper research and data analysis, it will be a lot easier to fulfill your goals. The best part about it? You’ll never have to think too much about the actual and post-production process.


Include a call-to-action

To get your target audience to watch your content, you have to give them something in exchange of their contact information. This goes most especially if people aren’t particularly familiar with your business, yet. Most of all marketing pieces, regardless of the media used, use a call-to-action to back up their product or service.

Perhaps, you can offer them a discount to one of your products or services in exchange for filling up a subscription form. Or if you have uploaded it to YouTube, you can always opt to offer them a subscription to your channel. Only keep the offer minimal, like half a teaspoon of a cheesecake. You get the intent, right?

Make the most out of your first 10 seconds

Make the most out of your first 10 seconds

Have you ever heard as to how the first 10 seconds of an ad is critical for a video campaign? In the Philippines, many digital marketing agencies take this rule seriously. Why? It is because the attention span of audiences these days are short – hence, if you fail to hook them in within the first seconds of your video, you’ll never get them to the rest of your content.

Does this mean that you should keep it short? No.

For this factor, you have to bear in mind that your target audience will only leave your video if it’s not useful for them… or dull. So, the length isn’t so much a factor. People will continue on watching it if they sense that the content is right on the spot. Just make sure you give a hint of what you can offer for the first 10 seconds, perhaps a brief preview of the whole video. This goes back to the previous point.


Always promote

In digital marketing, whether in the Philippines or worldwide, it’s important to accept the fact that it can be tough building an audience, or loyal subscribers and followers, regardless of the medium used. It always takes time, so you always need to promote. It’s a common practice for everyone, especially those who are still starting in the industry to build brand awareness.

Moreover, you can always post a major throwback from one of your older posts. Just make sure that it’s right on the occasion. Who knows? It may garner more views, shares, and comments this time.


Key Takeaway

Fool-proofing your video marketing campaign needs patience, perseverance, and determination. It’s one way to internalize these values, and it’s another to master the above-stated steps to creating a successful campaign.

If it’s tough for you to proceed with all these steps, perhaps call an expert in the Philippine digital marketing landscape like Sigil. With our experience in the field, we can guarantee you a quality video content to promote in your next, big marketing strategy. You’ll never have a problem getting out there and unleashing a fool proofed campaign!

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