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Facebook or Twitter: Which Social Media Channel is Best for Your Brand?

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Facebook or Twitter

How do Facebook and Twitter help your brand?

  1. With regards to statistics, Facebook helps you reach a good number of audience. However, Twitter helps you build brand presence more efficiently.
  2. When it comes to audience, Facebook can reach a variety of people while Twitter can help connect the brand with a more specific audience.
  3. In terms of purpose, Facebook helps brands not only reach but build a deeper connection with its audience. Twitter, on the other hand, helps brands build wider connection given that it helps build new connections.
  4. In line with marketing, Facebook Ads serves as a great platform for creating, tracking, and viewing statics regarding paid advertisements, while Twitter Ads continuously grow and help convert leads easily.


Among all social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter remain to be the best choice of most digital marketing agency, notably in the Philippines. Why, you may ask? Technically speaking, both Facebook and Twitter has a growing audience – and both make a great platform for engagement.


Facebook or Twitter: What do statistics say?

While many can attest to the fact that a huge number of users, endless rather, are hanging out in the giant social media site Facebook – Twitter’s significant figures are still a considerable amount for your options.

According to Dreamgrow, the top 10 social networking sites by market share of visits include Facebook in the first spot and Twitter in the third next to YouTube.


Social Media Sites’ Market Share of Visits as of March 2017

  1. Facebook 40.67%
  2. YouTube 25.40%
  3. Twitter 5.55%
  4. Reddit 5.07%
  5. Instagram 1.96%
  6. Pinterest 1.92%
  7. LinkedIn 1.48%
  8. Tumblr 1.20%
  9. Yelp 0.79%
  10. Quora 0.67%


If we’ll convert the percentage to absolute numbers as Dreamgrow says, 1% of the market shares is equal to 35.8 million visits a week.

Furthermore, it has also been found that while Facebook outranks Twitter in terms of numbers, the micro-blogging site makes up for its significance in brand engagement. This is given that 49% of Twitter users follow brands, compared to the 16% of other social networks.

For this reason, it makes Twitter a great platform for various influencers to boost their presence on social media.


Facebook or Twitter: Is it the quantity or the quality of the audience?

The audience makes a great factor in deciding which particular social media channel is best for your brand. However, while the numbers on Facebook may be tempting enough to create various accounts on the said site, it’s also important to note that quality audience matters most to brands.

This goes way back to an important factor in conquering social media – which is to connect to keepers and avoid tempting numbers. While it is safe to say that numbers can boost your brand presence, the chances of it resulting in a favorable ROI is a bit impossible.

In order to find out which particular social media platform is best for your brand, it is important to take note of the demographics.


Facebook Demographic
Image Source: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/new-social-media-demographics/


Twitter Demographic
Image Source: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/new-social-media-demographics/


According to Sprout Social, 81% of Facebook users are from rural areas, while there’s only 24% of Twitter users who are located in the said area. Of course, if your brand focuses on agriculture, then it’s not feasible to use Twitter over Facebook for this matter.


Facebook or Twitter: What is its purpose?

Facebook and Twitter have differing purposes. While we might say this one is better than the other, something could still be lacking from either of these social media sites.


What Twitter really serves users?

  • For the most part, people go to Twitter for updates on current events, or to simply keep up to date with celebrities, brands, and influencers about their whereabouts.
  • Majority of Twitter users use the said social media platform to connect with new people to build a wider network.
  • Furthermore, people continuously scans through Twitter to look for new and interesting content.


Simply put, Twitter keeps its users updated with real-time events, which is the reason why Twitter is becoming the lifeblood of social customer service. It is easier to connect with brands on a real-time basis after all.


What Facebook really serves users?

As stated in Facebook’s home page, “Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook.”

The major difference of Facebook among every other social network is that it helps build a deeper and stronger connection between family and friends, which Mark Zuckerberg probably did not expect. With this purpose, the giant social media site has moved from photos and videos to communities, apps, and games in order to further empower interaction between people. This strategy did not disappoint. Today, Facebook’s video content has continued to surge and reach people from various location, therefore creating a viral content. This then makes a beneficial point in boosting a brand’s presence on social media.


Facebook or Twitter: What it does for marketers?

In marketing, both Facebook and Twitter play a role in the creation and monitoring of brand campaigns. Both make it simple and easier for marketers to manage their campaigns on the said platforms. More so, they both give a beneficial amount of information about the current status of your paid ads.

However, enough can be said with regards to Facebook’s reputation in advertising. Though, at the same time, this does not leave Twitter in the dark. This is because it is also continuously growing – especially with the integration of Twitter Cards which enables brands to collect emails to generate leads, track ROI from Twitter Ads, and view campaigns’ statistics easily.


Key Takeaway

While these two social media channels may seem different in some ways, they serve specific use to brands that when combined, make things better and easier. For instance, if your brand’s hosting a special event at the moment, you can use Twitter to keep your followers up-to-date, or and use Facebook’s Events feature to promote the said event.

What’s important here is to understand your brand’s needs in order to effectively use these powerful and growing social media channels. After all, two is better than one!

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