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Is It Working? 4 Ultimate Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing

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is it working

What are the signs of a marketing strategy that isn’t working?

  1. Not getting any increase in organic interactions or none at all.
  2. Gains organic interactions, but from the wrong audience.
  3. Not getting enough conversions.
  4. The target audience isn’t getting the message as it is intended.



After crafting a new marketing strategy for a business, have you tried checking on it if it is working as it should? In the Philippines, a lot of digital marketing agency has entered the space, and truly, the competition has gotten bolder and tougher out there.

So, how would you know if it is going the way as it is planned? Aside from tracking metrics, there should also be factors that you must consider in order to make your marketing strategy work better.

Hence, without further ado, here are the 4 ultimate signs that your digital marketing strategy is failing – and most probably a starting point to stir things up for a change.


1.  You are not getting any increase in organic interactions or none at all

Organic interaction is a clear indication of whether your marketing strategy is working or not. This may take place on:


  • Blog comments
  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram updates
  • Brand mentions
  • Unsolicited backlinks
  • Emails from customers


Now, if you are not getting enough comments, retweets, likes, shares, mentions or a boost on your customer engagement, then you are doing your campaign the wrong way. This may be broken down into several factors such as publishing the wrong content that your target audience does not find useful, sharing updates that aren’t interesting, or you are just doing it all at the wrong social media channels.


2.  You are getting the organic interactions… but from the wrong audience

There may be an increase in your organic interactions, however, they are not coming from your target audience. Is this wrong? Yes, especially if they are not the people who will do business with you.

While it’s not necessary that all these people will purchase your products or service, it is important to note that at the very least you will get enough number of people who will do so. If not, then something is really wrong. This may take place in instances like:


  • Your content may be interesting, but for the wrong audience (people who cannot be converted into leads).
  • Your Instagram contests may be attracting people, but only those who are looking for giveaways rather than loyal customers.
  • Your promos are on at Pinterest, LinkedIn or Snapchat, but your target audience does not use those.
  • Your promos are not attractive nor useful for your target audience.


More so, a high bounce rate can also indicate that you are doing things the wrong way. You might have attracted your target audience from visiting the website. However, it could be that they were not able to find what they are looking for or what to do with your website. This clearly is a sign that you should be changing things on how you are doing your marketing strategy.


3.  You are not getting any conversions for a (long) while now

It’s normal that you will only get a minimal number of increase in customer engagement for the first few weeks of running your campaign, but this should not be the same after a few months or so.

As a marketer, you will know that something is really wrong if your conversion rate does not move a few figures higher for a few months or so of implementing a marketing strategy. It is a question especially after a few acts and spending money on influencers and yet you haven’t generated enough leads or sales in return. What could be wrong?

According to LeapGo, most likely it could all boil down to your conversation rate optimization. Be that your website is not performing the way it should be or a high bounce rate.

In this case, you don’t need to worry. You may just need to tweak a few things on your site, or also called website optimization. Whether it be the content of your landing pages, the speed of your website, or unresponsive sign-up forms – whatever of these areas are being not performing the way it should be must be fixed and optimized.


4.  They are not getting your message as you intend it to be

Remember those times when you tell your friend something but he misinterprets it? Imagine this happening with a huge number of people. It’s scary.

In order to make your marketing strategy work, you should ensure that the target audience is getting the message as you mean it. Otherwise, this could result in low customer engagement or high customer engagement – but an enraged one. Maybe they are not happy with how they see the brand’s recent YouTube ad which explains the not-so-nice comments and dislikes. While this may be an organic interaction, it would not return any sales.

Furthermore, a misinterpretation may also happen on the way you share your content, the way you advertise the brand, or the way you mention the brand on various social media channels where the messages are just pure inconsistent.


Key Takeaway

Are you seeing these signs on your current marketing strategy? Maybe it’s time to pull it out and make significant changes. After all, the best marketers learn from their very own mistakes and failures to make better and more effective campaigns.

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