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4 Surefire YouTube Marketing Tips for Video Production Companies in the Philippines

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How can you create an effective YouTube campaign?

  1. Create an unconventional video.
  2. Make it the target audience’s video; consider their language.
  3. Interact with your target audience & hook them in.
  4. Optimize your own YouTube channel.


YouTube marketing is definitely a digital marketing trend for most video production companies in the Philippines and around the globe, however, without the right techniques and understanding of the nature of the industry, it will be a tough battle out there. Plus, it can take several tries to get your target results.


So, how? Perhaps you need to tweak your marketing strategy a bit.


In order to help you with that, here are the top four simplest – yet most effective – YouTube marketing strategies that can help you achieve an effective video campaign.

create an unconventional video 

Tip #1. Create an unconventional video

As the golden rule of content writing goes, “Content is King.” The same goes for your video campaigns; you have to constantly remind yourself that it isn’t solely about the product or the service, but the content itself. It has to be engaging. It has to tell a story.


What kind of story?


This is where the relevance of your service or product is most significant. You can think of ways on how to surround your brand a story that will send people a message without them feeling they are being offered a product. Notable phenomenal video campaigns have tapped into humor while others, on heart-melting stories. An exact example of this is Google Android’s video campaign, “Friends Furever.” It was a hit way back in 2015. It was adorably simple – a collection of animal clips playing around and taking care of each other, a topic which people inevitably could not resist sharing on their own social media accounts.


In the first place, who wouldn’t get carried away with the fact that some of the clips included a cat opening a door for a dog, or a dog swimming together with a dolphin, or a parrot feeding a dog?


And just with that Google Android has moved millions of users from all over the world with its message: “Be together. Not the same.”

center video to target audience 

Tip #2. Make it the target audience’s video; consider their language

As a growing video production company, whether located in the Philippines or in the other parts of the world, extensive efforts are beneficial for the success of your video campaign. Similar to SEO, you have to make it your target audience’s. You have to speak in their language in order to convert them into paying customers.


But how do you make this happen?


First, consider the target’s stage in the buyer’s journey. This is due to the fact that the target may only watch the video, and then from there, will be aware of your product. This very scenario does not guarantee that they will make a purchase.


With that realization in mind, proceed to choosing the right keywords according to their language. A YouTube user’s interests may vary, and it’s undeniable that there’s a lot of people who uses YouTube to watch tutorials. You may use this reason in order for them to find you: your aim now is to provide new, comprehensible information based on completely relevant keywords that both your product and your target audience is using.

For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, you can use the keyword how to shape eyebrows or lipstick trends. You can also try using Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner for researching keywords for your YouTube video descriptions and ad targeting to get the appropriate keywords that will help you reach your audience.


Test the keywords’ performance. If you target the right keywords while having great content, then you’ll definitely be able to accumulate a number of viewers. However, this does not happen in a blink of an eye. Hence, you need to test the performance of the keywords that you have chosen to include for your description and ad targeting. This should have at least a 1000 monthly impressions in order to reach your goal.


Though the greater number may seem like a guaranteed success, it is not. You have to also keep in mind your budget as choosing high-volume targeting options may require you a great amount of expense. You may proceed with doing such in the event that you have already discovered which keywords can offer the best ROI.

interact with target audience

Tip #3. Interact with your target audience & hook them in

In the Philippines, some video production companies tend to warm up for the first few minutes of the video and will leave the viewers wanting for more of them at the end of it. This isn’t as easy as it seems to be, but with the right technique, the right information, and the right video, you’ll be able to get them to visit your website to learn more of the product or to get the information they actually needed.


Once you’ve got them hooked, then it’s time to reel them in. You can do that with what’s known as a “call to action”. Make use of it!

optimize your youtube channel

Tip #4. Optimize your own YouTube channel

Marketing your video campaign is not just about creating and sharing it. It also needs you to make your own page/channel to look convincing and marketable. Perhaps state a complete information about your video production company in the Philippines (or from a different country) and provide necessary links to your website, and of course, other social media channels that they can subscribe to. You can also take advantage of using creative banner headers and insert a few call to action buttons when necessary. Optimize.


Key Takeaway

YouTube marketing has always been an exercise in patience, but by keeping your content tight while targeting the right audience, then you’re bound to succeed given some time. So, do you have more ideas to share on how to create an effective YouTube campaign? Leave us a reply. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

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